Park and Ride Update

The following is from the Save Bathampton Meadows Facebook page:

B&NES Cabinet are holding a special meeting on Wednesday 25th January to decide on the location of a Park & Ride East and the fate of our precious Bathampton Meadows. PLEASE come join our protest outside the Guildhall at 4.30pm. Bring your banners, megaphones, drums and children. At 5pm join us inside the Guildhall to witness the Cabinet meeting and support the campaigners who are speaking. We need to get our message across to the 9 Tory cabinet members loud and clear.

Please note that we have requested that the timing of the meeting be moved so that people with jobs are able to attend. If they consent, the timing of the protest may change. We will keep you posted on the SBM FB page and on Twitter.

Park and Ride discussed at November Valley Parish Alliance meeting

In late November at the Valley Parish Alliance meeting, members of the alliance discussed the East of Bath Park and Ride with Councillors Tim Warren and Tony Clarke. Reproduced here are the minutes from that meeting relating to the P&R.

More information on the VPA can be found on their website.

Park and Ride – Tim Warren updated members on the Park and Ride consultation process. TW confirmed that the consultation could have been handled in a better way. He had been under the impression that more work on the consultation had happened then actually occurred. B&NES have now agreed the need for a P&R scheme, but not the specific location. TW confirmed that site F was very unpopular and he would find it hard to vote in favour of this option. B&NES are working with Wilts Council as they have identified a possible site in Wiltshire on the Box Road. TW confirmed this site had already been identified in the Halcro report.

The next stage of the process will be for Scrutiny Committee led by John Ball to hold two public meetings early in the new year. The Local Democratic Framework group will also meet to discuss the issue.

VPA members queried the evidence base for actually having a P&R. Oxford is the 5th most congested city in Europe and it has 5 P&R sites. Sheffield is the 7th most congested city in Europe with 8 P&R sites. Members were concerned that there was not sufficient evidence to support the fact that a P&R would solve the traffic problems.

TW reiterated that there is an East of Bath traffic problem, B&NES are committed to building 6000 new dwellings, creating more jobs, homes, businesses and traffic. The other P&R sites have over 1million users a year. B&NES are trying to dissuade commuters from parking in Bath. Members highlighted that it is not convenient for businesses to use P&R’s as they need to be able to get to and from their businesses easily. VPA members reiterated how important it was to put the evidence/data of traffic levels and the need for a P&R site into the public domain.

Councillors to work together on options for east of Bath Park & Ride

At a full meeting of Bath & North East Somerset Council on 12 November, 2015, councillors agreed to work together on options for a Park & Ride to the east of Bath, as part of a series of measures designed to alleviate congestion in the city.

Options for a number of sites will be reviewed and assessed by a cross-party group of councillors, who will present their recommendations to the Council’s Communities, Transport and Environment PDS Panel and the Cabinet.

Councillor Anthony Clarke (Conservative, Lansdown), Cabinet Member for Transport, said: “We heard from public speakers at the meeting who shared the general acknowledgement that there is too much traffic in Bath and something needs to be done.

“We remain committed to an east of Bath Park & Ride as it has an important role in improving transport, tackling congestion and supporting our local economy, as set out in the ‘Getting Around Bath’ Transport Strategy. The new Park & Ride will complement other measures we’re actively pursuing as part of our wider transport strategy; including the A36/A46 link road – to remove through-traffic out of Bath – and complementary traffic measures to manage demand.

“We look forward to seeing the recommendations that come back from the cross-party working group, which will assist the Cabinet in coming to a decision early next year.”

Update on East of Bath Park and Ride

Bath & North East Somerset Council has confirmed that plans for the East of Park and Ride will be debated at Full Council on November 12, and not at Cabinet on November 4.

Councillor Tim Warren (Conservative, Mendip) Leader of the Council said: “We’ve received a large number of views from residents about the proposals for a Park and Ride to the East of Bath and we have decided that an issue of this importance should be debated at full Council so that all councillors can come to a view on the best way forward.”

A report with feedback from the consultation will be made publicly available in advance of the Council meeting. The Council will be notifying anyone who has registered to speak at the cabinet meeting of these changes.

Announcing the ‘Sing to save Bathampton Meadows’ session, Saturday 17th October

What’s it about? We will be singing a slightly reworded version of Big Yellow Taxi (Joni Mitchell’s seminal 1970 hit) to express in song how we feel about saving Bathampton meadows from becoming a park and ride (see words below)

When is it? This coming Saturday October 17th at 1.00pm

Who’s it for? Absolutely anyone who would like to join in. Everyone and all ages welcome.

Where’s it happening? Meet up at the Bathampton end of the new pedestrian/cycle path that runs from Batheaston car park

How are we going to do it? We’ll start with a practice session to make sure that everyone is comfortable that they know what they’re doing and then we’ll make a video recording of it to post on social media (and send to B&NES!).

Big Yellow Taxi – Bathampton Meadows Style

Don’t pave paradise,
Don’t give us a park and ride
Full of concrete and lights
And motors that you really can’t hide
B&NES don’t let the future show
That you don’t know what you’ve got
Till it’s gone
Don’t pave paradise,
Don’t give us a park and ride

Council, council, put away that JCB now,
Leave the grass on the meadows
And let’s keep the birds and the trees….PLEASE
B&NES don’t let the future show
That you don’t know what you’ve got
Till it’s gone
Don’t pave paradise,
Don’t give us a park and ride

We said
B&NES don’t let the future show
That you don’t know what you’ve got
Till it’s gone…..
Don’t pave paradise,
Don’t give us a park and ride
Don’t pave paradise,
Just throw out the park and ride
Save paradise,
Say no to the park and ride!

If you’d like to join in please contact Carole Bond, 852533.

East of Bath Park and Ride Consultation, 19th September Bathampton Village Hall

The first public consultation event looking at possible sites for a new park and ride to the East of Bath takes place this Saturday, September 19.

The drop-in event will take place from 2 – 6pm at Bathampton Village Hall. It will be followed by another on Tuesday September 22, at The Guildhall in Bath, from 4 – 8pm and a third event at Rhymes Pavilion, Batheaston on Tuesday September 29, 3 – 7pm.

The public consultation is being run by Bath & North East Somerset Council.

Members of the public are encouraged to share their views by visiting the online consultation page where you can see plans for the different sites and compare their benefits and challenges:

Cllr Tim Warren (Conservative, Mendip), Leader of Bath & North East Somerset Council, said: “These plans form a key part of the Council’s wider strategy to improve transport, tackle congestion and reduce air pollution levels in and around Bath.

“We’d like to see as many local residents as possible come along to these events or take part in the online consultation. We want people to take a look at the potential sites and give us their views to help us to choose the preferred location.”

The consultation will run until early October. At the end of the consultation, officers will analyse the results, which will be put before councillors in November for a decision. Once a preferred site has been chosen it will be included in the Placemaking Plan later this year.

Members of the Bathampton Parish Council will be available on the day to discuss the Council’s viewpoint on the proposal, and we urge everyone to come along and get involved in the process. We need to know how the village feels about each location and the proposal in general so that we can accurately reflect your views.

Batheaston Forward are opposing the plans completely, and have set up an online petition to gather signatures – please visit for more information.