Highways Consultation

Proposals submitted for public consultation 

A proposal to improve safety, both for pedestrians and vehicles in and around the area where Down Lane joins the A36, is being prepared by Bathampton Parish Council. This will be submitted to BANES for consideration with the Highways Authority. This is a notoriously tricky junction to negotiate and the Council would be more than grateful for your reactions to the proposals listed below as well as for any other suggestions that you would like to make which could improve safety conditions around this junction. 


  1. The traffic island, presently situated a few yards from the Down Lane / A36 junction, could be removed altogether.
  2. In its place, a pedestrian crossing with on demand traffic lights would be installed. This would have a double benefit: firstly it will more effectively ensure the safety of pedestrians crossing the road and, secondly, the traffic lights will slow down the traffic flow which, as we all know, tends to go far too fast through our village.
  3. Work would be carried out on the left hand side pavement at the top of Down Lane; this will include repositioning the drop kerb, removing the railings and reconstruction of pavement levels. The possibility of installing a pedestrian crossing twenty metres down from the junction with the A36 will also be examined. Any ideas on other solutions would be very welcome. 
  4. The bus stop (Warminster direction side of the road), presently positioned a few yards up the A36 from the Down Lane / A36 junction (North Side of the Road) could be relocated to a safer position a short distance beyond the Down Lane /A36 / new pedestrian crossing.
  5. The new position of this bus stop will allow those passengers who wish to do so, to alight from the bus and to cross the A 36 using the new pedestrian crossing. Passengers remaining on the Warminster direction side of the A36 will no longer have to cross Down Lane for access to Holcombe Lane. 
  6. The number of bus stops on the Warminster direction side of the A 36 could be increased and rationalised and, eventually, repositioned if deemed useful, to reduce the need to cross Down Lane. 

A diagram showing each of the above proposal can be found in Figure 1.   

To submit a comment or suggestion on this proposal please email highways.bathamptonPC@gmail.com

In advance, our thanks to you.

Figure 1 – Schematic of proposed changes