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Park and Ride statement

There have been several community meetings about the proposed P&R and the Parish Councillors who attended made every effort to discover what the views of the parish were. To date we have not had a single person who was in favour, and accordingly we have as a council opposed the plans at every opportunity. We have worked closely with Batheaston and Bathford PCs and with the ‘Bathampton Meadows Alliance’ and ‘Save Bathampton Meadows’ protest groups.

BANES have now formally approved the proposals and identified their preferred site(s) either side of Mill Lane; the next step will be a planning application, which we currently intend to oppose. To ensure that our response is accurate, we would like to know what parishioners think, particularly if you are in favour.

Latest Park and Ride information

Current events

All the latest news and information concerning villages matters can be found in the Notices section. You can us the site search to find all content relating to a specific topic, for example the proposed East of Bath Park & Ride scheme.


Bathampton Parish Council meet on the third Thursday of each month (excluding August) in the Village Hall on Holcombe Lane. Meetings start at 7.30pm.

Residents are welcome to attend any meetings and listen to the proceedings. If you would like to raise any matter of particular interest or concern during the meeting, please first contact the Clerk to the Council, Don Smith.

We are required to hold an Annual Parish Meeting to inform residents what we have done over the last 12 months. This meeting is usually held in May in the Village Hall. Residents are encouraged to attend and to raise any matters of particular interest.

Agendas and minutes of Council meetings can be found on this site, and can be requested from the Clerk.


Information regarding the Council’s activities can be found on the five noticeboards in the village. They are located:

  • Outside Bathampton Newsagent
  • On the High Street adjacent to Hands on Health
  • On Warminster Road below the scout hut and adjacent to the bus stop
  • On Warminster Road below St Georges Hill and adjacent to the bus stop
  • On Warminster Road between the steps leading from Holcombe Close and the entrance to Hantone Hill

If you have a notice which is of interest to the wider community or you would like it publicised in the quarterly newsletter, please contact the Clerk.

If you would like to contact any other member of Bathampton Parish Council, please refer to the Contact Us page.