Bathampton Meadows transfer to the National Trust

Bathampton Parish Council is delighted that the Council has transferred its landholding in the Meadows to the National Trust. We thank everyone who participated in the campaign to stop the Park and Ride which has now resulted in this amazing outcome and which will have wide-ranging benefits.

As well as being a beautiful local amenity for Bathampton, the Meadows alongside the River Avon to the East of the City of Bath form an important part of the setting of the World Heritage Site. They are highly visible and act as a green wedge alongside the river as it enters the City.

We support the Trust’s Business Plan & Vision for the Meadows and look forward to working with them, with BANES and WECA, and with all local community groups to create an enhanced “green corridor” connecting the City to the countryside with a network of walking and cycling routes which will provide substantial environmental, social and economic benefits.