Report a Problem

The highways (roads and pavements) in Bathampton are managed by either The Highways Agency or BANES. If you identify any issues that need to be resolved you can let the appropriate agency know using the links or forms below.

Highways Agency

The highways agency managed the A36 through the village.

For all queries, com­plaints, feed­back and fault report­ing regard­ing the A36 you can report it via This will forward your report to the relevant agency.

You can also contact The Highways Agency using the below contact details:

Email  or Telephone 0300 123 5000

For any urgent road safety issues please call as emails can­not always be dealt with upon receipt.

The Highways Agency have also asked local residents tell them about accidents or near misses on the A36. The current planning process for investment in roads only takes account of accidents where someone has been injured or killed. Our stretch of the A36 is viewed by the Highways Agency as one of the safest based on this data. By telling them about other accidents they can build a picture of danger spots which will feed into their future funding requests.


For highways matter other than the A36 you can report the issue to BANES using either or using the BANES Council Connect service online at

You can report a wide variety of things including faulty street lights, potholes and blocked drains.  Simply select the appropriate link on the webpage and fill in the online form. Each form guides you through all the details BANES need to action your request.

You can also tweet BANES via @ccbathnes or

If you have a Twitter account, it’s great way to get quick advice about a council service or report certain problems. Try and provide as much detail as possible in 140 characters. For example ‘Pothole on Down Lane Bathampton just past Miller Walk junction’. Photos can also be really useful to help us identify the problem and location.

For any other issues arising, please see our contact page for information on contacting the relevant councillor.