Planning Applications for discussion at the June Advisory meeting.

Planning Applications:

21/02405/FUL – Tasburgh House Hotel, Warminster Road. Erection of a two storey Single family dwelling house in the rear of the hotel grounds. Received: 21.05.2021.

21/02350/FUL – 16 Holcombe Lane. Enlargement of rear extension. Received 21.05.2021.

21/02566/FUL – 58 Holcombe Vale. Erection of a new Single storey extension following demolition of existing single storey extension. Received 03.06.2021.

Applications can be viewed at and searched for by the reference numbers detailed above.

If you wish to let us know your views on any of these applications, please email the Clerk by 16th June 2021.

No Parish Council meetings for May & June.

Whilst Bathampton Parish Council navigates the interim and the safe return of face to face council meetings, there will be no Parish Council meeting taking place during May or June. During this time, Bathampton Parish Council delegates authority to the Clerk in consultation with the Chairman and Vice Chairman to take any actions necessary with associated expenditure to protect the interests of the community and ensure council business continuity, informed by consultation with members of the Council.

The Parish Council will hold Advisory meetings during this time, to take place on the 20th May and the 17th June with the intention to return to a face to face council meeting within the village hall on the 15th July. With the absence of an agenda, new planning applications will be posted on here should you wish to let us know your views. Additionally, If you have anything that you wish to bring to the councils attention, please contact a Councillor or email the Clerk on

Planning Applications:

21/02184/TCA – Osborne House, Bathampton Lane. Various tree works. Received: 07.05.2021.

21/02194/FUL – 150 Holcombe Vale. Erection of two storey side extension. Received 11.05.2021.

21/02246/FUL – 29 Hantone Hill. Erection of first floor extension and ground floor rear extension. Received 12.05.2021.

Applications can be viewed at and searched for by the reference numbers detailed above.

If you wish to let us know your views on any of these applications, please email the Clerk by 19th May 2021.

Bathampton Parish Council Meeting – 15th April 2021 & the Annual meeting of the Parish Council – 6th May 2021

The Parish Council meeting taking place on the 15th April 2021 at 7.30pm will be held virtually via Jitsi. To join the meeting, please click on the link below:

The Annual meeting of Bathampton Parish Council will take place on the 6th May 2021 at 7.30pm. This will be held virtually via Jitsi. To join the meeting, please click on the link below:

Agendas for both meetings and the meeting link can be found under Meetings and Minutes on the Parish Council website.

Bathampton Meadows transfer to the National Trust

Bathampton Parish Council is delighted that the Council has transferred its landholding in the Meadows to the National Trust. We thank everyone who participated in the campaign to stop the Park and Ride which has now resulted in this amazing outcome and which will have wide-ranging benefits.

As well as being a beautiful local amenity for Bathampton, the Meadows alongside the River Avon to the East of the City of Bath form an important part of the setting of the World Heritage Site. They are highly visible and act as a green wedge alongside the river as it enters the City.

We support the Trust’s Business Plan & Vision for the Meadows and look forward to working with them, with BANES and WECA, and with all local community groups to create an enhanced “green corridor” connecting the City to the countryside with a network of walking and cycling routes which will provide substantial environmental, social and economic benefits.

Get ready for Bath’s Clean Air Zone

Bath’s clean air zone will start from midnight on Monday 15 March to urgently improve air quality in the city. Most higher emission vehicles – except private cars and motorbikes – will be charged to drive in the city centre.

A higher emission vehicle is a Pre Euro 6/VI diesel vehicle (Euro 1 to 5/V or earlier) or Pre Euro 4 petrol vehicle (Euro 1 to 3 or earlier).

You can check whether your vehicle will be charged using your vehicle registration number using GOV.UK’s vehicle checker at

If charges apply, please refer to Bath & North East Somerset’s website for a list of local exemptions and whether you might be eligible for financial support to upgrade or replace a non-compliant vehicle or fleet of vehicles.

If charges apply and you drive in the zone from midnight on Monday 15 March, please remember to pay within 7 days at, or you could receive a penalty charge notice. From launch, payment can be made 6 days in advance, on the day you drive in the zone, or in the following 6 days.

While private cars are not charged in Bath’s zone, the Council is asking everyone to consider whether they need to use their vehicle, especially for short trips where walking, cycling or taking public transport is possible. We all have a part to play in improving air quality.

To find out more, go to

Need a quick overview? Watch the video

Welcome to our new Councillor Patrick Marsh

Bathampton Parish Council is delighted to welcome our newest Councillor, Patrick Marsh on board. Patrick has lived away from England for a number of years, first in Dublin where he was a university lecturer and, more recently, in Paris where he continued his academic career. Patrick moved to Bathampton in the late summer of 2019 and is very much looking forward to being able to contribute to the life and well-being of Bathampton village.